The artist exists because the world is not perfect

W ith a love for a deeper meaning of life, Darine entered the world of arts and cinema with a thirst of knowledge for expressing existence. Coming from a background of theatre acting and directing, and inspired by Stella Adler’s technique, Darine discovered her own acting style with years of experience. In each role she shed her old skin and wore a new one, with each movie she went through a new journey of discovery of her own life’s purpose. And with each story she reflected upon her own life’s story. Her method acting had her delve into deeper emotions and states of being, and with every breath on camera she gave rich humble soul to the characters she played.

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In addition to talent, one needs the tools to master the gift. Apart from being one of her generation’s top talented actors, Darine studies the craft as well with an MA in Media Arts from London’s University of Westminster in the United Kingdom, after a BA in Theatre Arts (Acting/ Directing) from the Lebanese University Arts Academy in Beirut. Her career kept ever evolving with her expertise and passion for the arts. With a diverse career of a full time Lebanese movie star credited for challenging daring roles throughout the MENA region, Darine also taught at a number of Lebanese Universities (Université Antonine- UA , and the American University of Science and Technology- AUST) the subjects of acting, editing and producing.


    Engineer Rahman Tavana, a government employee, falls in love with a Christian girl, Juliet Khamse, while working in an international mission. She converts to Islam, changes her name to Ameneh, and moves to Iran with Rahman. Once in Iran she finds that she cannot accept what she sees as contradictions between the actions of Iranian Muslims, including her husband and his family, and the teachings of the Qu’ran, and eventually decides to return to Lebanon, where she takes a job as a teacher for refugees.

  2. Drama

    Beyrouth Hôtel by Danielle Arbid

    Embroiled in a messy divorce, night club singer Zoha (Darine Hamzé) meets Mathieu (Charles Berling), a French lawyer in Beirut on business; the two enter into a passionate affair that becomes a refuge from both their personal turmoil as well as the impending chaos outside the hotel’s walls. Darine Hamzé as Zoha reveals a vulnerability and innocence that contradict the sultry, world-wise performer. A taut romantic thriller, Beirut Hotel was initially banned from Lebanese theaters for mentioning the assassination of ex-Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

  3. romance/comedy

    Yalla AA'Belkon: Single, Married, Divorced by Elie Khalifé

    Single, Married, Divorced (Yalla 3a2belkon) is a social comedy about four women in their late 30’s who have to face the pressure of the society for being singles. Yasmina (Darine Hamze) is the best make-up artist in Lebanon, travels the Middle East to create “fabulous” looks for singers, actors, and brides, squeezing in time to see her Egyptian boyfriend on available weekends for romantic dinners in fancy hotels. Single, Married, and Divorced celebrates female friendships and proves that true love is worth the wait.

  4. Drama/Comedy

    Halal Love by Assad Fouladkar

    Four tragicomic interconnected stories about how devoted Muslim men and women are trying to manage their love life and desires without breaking any religious rules. Featuring grown-ups having real conversations about love and sex, Halal Love (and Sex) dares to poke fun at the complicated balancing act of romantic desire and religious devotion in the Muslim world.

  5. Drama/Action

    NUT$ By Henry Bargés

    Nut$ is a non-stop, high stakes, action-packed film filled with sexy intrigue. It’s exhilarating while still being concerned with the big questions of gender, identity, and self-empowerment. The film tells the story of poker genius Lana, played by Darine Hamze, and her efforts to navigate the pressures of a male-dominated (under)world filled with controlling, lurking men and grander societal expectations to be a “normal” housewife.


Darine’s love for arts and traveling had her fly around the world for shooting locations and many International film festivals around the world. She’s won several film awards for her role performances, for directing and for producing. Most reputable international film festivals she’s participated in are Sundance, Cannes, The Hampton’s, LA, Locarno, Rotterdam, Dubai (DIFF), Oran, Fukuoka, Cairo and Hong Kong, and screened the Golden Globes HFPA nominations.

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